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✘ your own personal jesus ✘

Ruby was once a witch who died in the 1350s after making a pact with the demon Tammi. She went to Hell, had her humanity torn to shreds through centuries of torture, and turned into a demon herself. She then began working directly toward Azazel's plan to break Lucifer out of his box, which put her on the bad side of the entirety of Hell, because there weren't a whole lot of demons who knew what was going on, and the good side of the poor, ignorant Winchester brothers -- most of the time.

Her job was essentially to slut herself out and act as a glorified blood bag for Sam Winchester, Lucifer's chosen vessel. Despite numerous attempts on her life by not only Hell, but also Dean Winchester, she did a hell of a job getting Sammy to kill Lilith -- too bad it just got her guts spilled out on the same damn floor before she could even celebrate the boss coming out of his early retirement.
"You didn't need the feather to fly. You had it in you the whole time, Dumbo."
Name: Ruby
"Real" Name: Kristen Alighieri
Room Number: F32 with Donna Noble
Age: 650+, physically around 23.
Speaks: English, Latin.
Current Physical Status: Perfect health.
Current Power Limitations: Strength that's the equivalent of a burly human male, land-locked to her vessel, zero teleportation, only able to recognize other demons/angels/etc., not non-SPN vampires and the like unless OOCly agreed upon, can be killed like a normal human, can feel pain to a more human extent, and can only use telekinesis three times a night at a mild level. I.e., opening low level locks, holding doors shut, moving bookcases off of idiots who get stuck under them.
Current Belongings: Landel's starter kit
Informational Link:( damned application ); ( real life tba )
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this journal is a work of pure fiction. i am not genevieve cortese.
the character of ruby belongs to eric kripke and the CW, no copyright infringement is intended.

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daddy issues, drug addiction, dumbo, fancy knives, french fries, fucking over dean winchester, fucking with alastair, hell, hiding from angels, killing lilith, lucifer, raising hell, sam winchester, setting angels free, slutting it up, witchcraft, ~the power of love~

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